Buddy Goes To Nollywood

Buddy Goes to Nollywood follows Buddy Munro, entertainer, explorer, comedian and actor, as he goes to Africa for the first time to turn his life around.

He packs his bag and heads off for ten days to try and change the fortunes of his career and to exorcise the demons of childhood tragedy.

In the enormous but little-known Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, he finds many kindred spirits who share his humour and support his adventure.

He is desperate to succeed and makes remarkable inroads into the heart of the industry, but does he find happiness and success?




Buddy Munro is a British entertainer who started off as a street performer and studied at the Desmond Morris School of Mime and Physical Theatre. He has had a few appearances on TV, most notably as a stuntman for Channel 4 series, Experimental.

Originally from Scotland, he lives and works in London.



The story behind the film.

Buddy Munro is a struggling actor, entertainer and comedian who has never really had a big break in the UK. Learning about Nollywood, he discovered a whole new possibility. He decided to pack his bags and head to Lagos, home of Nollywood and a 5 billion Dollar a year industry that makes more films than Hollywood.

Filmmaker Michael Lebor decided this was an opportunity that was too good to miss so he followed his friend Buddy on this amazing journey. With only enough money to stay for 10 days Buddy tirelessly networked and filled his little black book full of contacts so that he could get a part in a Nollywood movie. 

The results were unbelievable but they happened just as you see them. But this isn't a film just about Nollywood, it's a film about Buddy and the tragedy of his past. In a very personal and candid interview, he reveals for the first time what has driven him to spend his life trying to entertain people, with little monetary gain.