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Michael Lebor


This was Michael's first feature film and ever since filming in Nigeria back in 2008 he has wanted to return. It was Buddy's desire to break into the the Nigerian film industry that called him back.

Dayo Bash Balogun


Dayo was born in Nigeria and provided vital local knowledge to keep the crew happy and safe and to make sure Buddy's outrageous antics didn't get anyone in hot water.

Ben Hooton


Ben Hooton is a fabulous editor who has recently worked several broadcast TV programs including Banged Up Abroad for Channel 4. Ben was instrumental in making Buddy's story come to life, going through over 30 hours of footage to carve out an emotional and magical journey.

Alexander Goodman


Alexander is a very experienced filmmaker in his own right. His excellent technical knowledge and tireless workrate made him a key part of this skeleton crew.

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